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Causes of Hearing Loss

As there are different types of hearing loss, it’s important to have a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test to determine the type of loss & to understand the type of hearing loss before considering hearing aid devices. Some of the most common causes can include:

  • Ageing
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Infections
  • Injuries to the head or ear
  • Congenital or genetic
  • Ototoxic reactions to medications or cancer treatment

Steps Towards Treating Hearing Loss

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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

X Avoiding social engagements
X Avoiding conversations
X Difficulty following conversation
X Accused of having selective hearing
X TV/Radio louder then normal
X Muffled / dull speak & sounds
X Missing the phone or doorbell
X Asking other to repeat themselves

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Live & Hear Better

The Independent Audiologist Association highlights six key factors, which explain why it’s important to address hearing loss, sooner rather than later. Here they are:

Tick Increased energy
Tick Improves communication
Tick Saves relationships
Tick Improves employment
Tick Provides relief from tinnitus
Tick Improves quality of life
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Treatment Solutions

As there are different types of hearing loss which can arise from anywhere along the auditory system, it’s important to have a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test to determine the type of loss.

An appropriate hearing aid fitting can provide significant benefit for improving speech clarity and overall sound detection. However, the rehabilitation component of the hearing aid fitting is essential for full treatment.

Tick Comprehensive hearing test
Tick Determine type of hearing loss
Tick Appropriate hearing aid fitting
Tick Improved speech clarity & sound
Tick Rehabilitation program full treatment

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