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Perth Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic

Based in Osborne Park, we are here to provide client-centred service, support and guidance for hearing loss treatment and tinnitus solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Perth Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic is an independent audiology practice with a dedicated team of hearing and tinnitus specialists. Hearing loss and tinnitus can impact people of all ages, from all walks of life. Our goal is to change the lives of people living with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Independently owned
Centrally located clinic
25+ years experience

What We Do?

We take a holistic approach to your care, sometimes in collaboration with other health professionals, with the aim of improving your overall well-being.

Adult Hearing Tests & Rehabilitation.


Tinnitus Assessments & Rehabilitation.


Hearing Aid Fittings & Fine Tunings.


Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance.


Decreased Sound Tolerance Assessments.


WorkCover Hearing Tests.


Hearing Screenings & Middle Ear Tests.


Custom Earplugs – Swim, Industrial, Musician.

A GP referral is not required to book.

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How hearing better leads to living better?

Increase Energy

Hearing aids & communication
strategies free up energy
to use elsewhere

Improve Communication

Hearing loss can lead to
withdrawal from social

Saves Relationships

Hearing loss can become a
“Third Party” disability for friends and family

Improves Employment

Hearing aids help mitigate
loss of income for people
with hearing loss


Hearing aids can reduce and in
some cases eliminate the
perception of the tinnitus

Quality of Life

Improve the social and emotional
impact. Increase communication
and reduce depression

Based on 13 reviews
Martin Yates
Martin Yates
I had put up with continuous chronic Tinnitus for 10 years and really thought that nothing could be done, I had made all the lifestyle changes etc. My Tinnitus was so loud it was affecting my sleep so I was drinking whisky at night to help me get to sleep. Finally, in desperation I contacted my GP who suggested Perth Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic... I wish I had done this earlier. During my consultation and testing Tennille introduced some Tinnitus cancelling noise and for the first time in 10 years I had relief from the incessant high-pitched hiss. Tennille then fitted me with a demo set of the Unitron Moxi Jump 3-R hearing aids which helped dampen and mask my Tinnitus so much, I was trying to hear my tinnitus as I was accustomed to hearing it constantly. It has been three months now and I have had only a few “Bad Days” of tinnitus in a way this is a good thing as it reminds me of how bad it was before I had hearing aids. I found Tennille’s approach and reassurance throughout the whole process was very professional and reassuring, even when I got a little emotional having relief for the first time in 10 years. If you suffer from Tinnitus there are answers out there just finding the one that suits you is the hard bit, for me it didn’t cure the problem, but wow did it change my quality of life. I now find myself recommending Perth Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic to others, and when I tell them about my solution most people if not all hadn’t noticed I now have hearing aids.
Stuart Rhine-Davis
Stuart Rhine-Davis
Very professional and extremely friendly.
Patrick McDonagh
Patrick McDonagh
Thanks for the professionalism, Tenille. Irene's hearing, and awareness, have improved by at least 20% since being fitted with her new aids. She really appreciates the Bluetooth apps that are available to her.
Rachael Schwarz
Rachael Schwarz
I came down with tinnitus as a side effect of a serious illness. My tinnitus developed reasonably suddenly and it affected me in many ways. I saw Bev at the Perth Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic and from start to finish she was amazing. Firstly the hearing test was fantastic, fully comprehensive and explained to me through every step. The face to face contact was kind and thoughtful, she realised what I was going through and understood how initially shocking it was for me and got me to the point where I could cope with this, by offering several different pathways. I am now functioning reasonably normally with something that can be quite debilitating initially. This is a very special clinic with very special people. I also saw the Ear Nose and Throat Specialist after and he told me pretty much was Bev had told me. She is a caring expert.
Deborah Rose
Deborah Rose
Me experience of the PH&T Clinic and Tennille has been fantastic from the outset. She is on time, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I have been back several times (as a slow learner of the technology of settings) and Tennille has been SO patient and sorted me out and as a result my social life is so much better- I can hear people!! I can't recommend this service highly enough. Thanks Tennille!
Sheree Ganley
Sheree Ganley
My partner has been suffering with tinnitus and we couldn’t of been more greatful or impressed by Bev today. An absolute wealth of knowledge on this topic and a very kind and compassionate person. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain everything so well, your a gem !
darryl smith
darryl smith
Bev and the team at PHTC could not have been more professional. They are absolute winners on product knowledge and service. Their compassion and professional expertise makes them the stand out, go to, hearing people.
Scott W
Scott W
I can highly recommend Bev. In 2010 it took four Audiologists before I found someone who could help me with my complex hearing loss as had to go from analogue to digital aids. All the staff are very friendly and you get personal service and will bend over backwards to help you. Very hard to find this kind of service now. Thank you. Kim Welch
Jason James
Jason James
I went to the Perth Hearing and Tinnitus clinic In total shock. I had an incident at my work where my hearing had been damaged. I had not slept In 4 days as my ears were ringing so badly. I went to a local GP and they thought I had a brain tumour! I was not convinced! I called the clinic and a polite girl called Kellie made an appointment straight away for me. I met Bev on my first appointment and explained what had occurred at my work place. Bev put me at ease and listened to me and quickly diagnosed me as having acoustic shock disorder. I would totally recommend Beverly as I found her to be very kind and most of all gave me great advice and explained in detail what was wrong and how we were going to try and fix it. Our appointment went 30 min over time and she didn't charge me any extra! A big thank you to Bev and her team. Kind regards Jason
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
The ladies at Perth Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic came to my rescue when I realised I have ran out of back up batteries for my hearing aid. Thank you again for your help!

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