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The latest hearing aid technology

Which type of hearing aid is right for you?

Hearing aids today offer some exciting advanced technologies.

As technology advances, hearing aids are smaller and smarter than ever before. Whether they sit inside or outside the ear, modern devices are virtually invisible.

In addition to their small size, the latest hearing aids are very advanced, offering you many practical benefits such as wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

New hearing aid technology also allows wearers to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth-enabled devices so you can now use your hearing aids as personal earphones.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids.
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids.
  • Made for all phones hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth hands-free hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid compatible apps.
Made for iPhone hearing aids

Hearing aid support via the internet

The advances in hearing aid technology also enable remote hearing aid adjustment with your audiologist via an app on your mobile phone, with specific hearing devices. This means it’s now possible for us to fine tune your hearing aids, and monitor your progress, without requiring a face-to-face appointment.

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Different styles of hearing aids

Invisible in the ear hearing aid

Invisible in the ear

These fit deep inside the ear canal and are virtually invisible to others. Because of their size you’ll need to have good manual dexterity for insertion, removal and battery changing.

Receiver in the canal hearing aid

Receiver in the canal

These have a small speaker that sits inside the ear canal and is attached to the main body of the hearing aid which is tucked behind the ear via an electronic wire. These aids are generally small and discreet and are compatible with advanced technologies.

Behind the ear hearing aid

Behind the ear

These have the main component tucked behind the ear. These hearing aids are adaptable, fitting almost any ear canal shape. A selection of micro and mini behind the ear hearing aids are now available. Also, larger easier to handle devices (with larger manual controls and longer lasting batteries) are also available. Most behind the ear hearing aids are compatible with more advanced technologies.

In the ear hearing aid

In the ear

These fit in the concha bowl of the ear. These larger in the ear devices can be easier to manage for someone with dexterity issues. Furthermore, this style of aid has the room to contain advanced technology, larger manual controls and longer lasting batteries.

In the canal hearing aid

In the canal

These are smaller than in the ear aids, however the size of this device is generally still adequate to provide advanced technology, longer lasting batteries, and manual controls.

Completely in the canal hearing aid

Completely in the canal

These sit completely in the ear canal and are smaller than in the canal hearing aids. These aids can have limited space for more complex electronics and you’ll need to have good manual dexterity for insertion, removal and for battery changing.

Get support to choose a hearing aid

Not sure which hearing aid is right for you? Get in touch to book a free hearing screening or more-comprehensive hearing assessment. Or simply contact our Osborne Park clinic via phone or email for more information.

Book a Free Hearing Screening

It takes 15 minutes and will provide you with some initial feedback on your hearing loss.

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Book a Hearing Assessment

A full hearing assessment takes one hour and includes a range of tests.

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How to choose a hearing aid?

Many factors influence which hearing aid will be most suitable for you. During your hearing assessment, we’ll take all of these into consideration. For in-depth information on hearing aids please book an appointment.

These factors include:

  • The pattern and severity of the hearing loss,
  • The shape of your ear canal,
  • Your lifestyle, and
  • Listening demands.

It’s important for all of these factors to be considered in order to find the most suitable solution for you.

Perth Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic is an independent audiology clinic where hearing aid recommendations are based on the auditory and lifestyle needs of clients, and are in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission guidelines.

We do not have any preferred manufacturer arrangements and there are no commissions or clinical bonuses based on hearing aids sales.

Within a hearing aid advice appointment, information will be provided on the different range of hearing aids and the individual features.

A recommendation will be made based on the factors explained above. Information on the rehabilitation program and fitting process will also be provided.

Interest free payment plans are available on request.

Support beyond the hearing aid

For in depth information on hearing aids please book an appointment.

Hearing aids are just one part of the hearing rehabilitation program. In order to achieve optimal results it’s important for you to wear hearing aids consistently so that your brain can adjust to hearing the sounds it has been missing out on.

In addition to the hearing aid fitting, rehabilitation often includes discussion and counselling on your goals and expectations, environmental adjustments, support from significant others and communication training.

To ensure a successful hearing aid fitting, it’s important for the settings to be based on a recent diagnostic hearing assessment.

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